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Successful Partnerships

Heather's Fudge Fundraiser École Catholique St. Michel
École Catholique St. Michel - New Liskeard

In 2016, at the New Liskeard Fall Fair, we met a local  teacher from École Catholique St. Michel and began discussing our idea of fundraising with her. She is always looking for new ways to raise money for a multi-day school trip that their graduating class takes every year. She thought that a Heather's Fudge Fundraiser would be a great idea! Heather's Fudge partnered with them as our  first fundraising group, with students taking orders for our fudge in November, for mid December delivery. Their group was very successful, raising $1868 towards their trip, with the organizer saying to me, "Same time, same place, same fudge, next year". St Michel is already registered for a Christmas campaign with us in 2017.

We look forward to their success again this Christmas! :)

Heather's Fudge Fundraiser T.D.S.S. Senior Band
T.D.S.S. Senior Band - New Liskeard

A student who attends the Timiskaming District Secondary School overheard us speaking with the teacher from École Catholique St. Michel about a fundraisier at the 2016 New Liskeard Fall Fair. She expressed interest as well, as she was a member of their National Award Winning school Senior Band. They look for fundraisers to be able to travel to various competitions. Running a January and February 2017 fundraiser, with 21 students selling, they raised $856 for their band travels! Congrats band members! We look forward to partnering with you again!

Heather's Fudge Fundraiser La Seigneurie Co-op D'Habitation
La Seigneurie Co-op D'Habitation - North Bay

A board member of a local co-op housing neighborhood contacted us about running a fundraiser in hopes of raising money towards replacing their co-op playground. It has been deemed unsafe and is now fenced off awaiting demolition. A number of co-op members sold fudge in the neighborhood in February raising money towards their cause. They are looking forward to running another fundraiser this year. 

Heather's Fudge Fundraiser RCACC 2344 Algonquin Regiment Army Cadets
RCACC 2344 Algonquin Regiment Army Cadets -
Temiskaming Shores


At an organization Cadets meeting where members were discussing possible fundraisers for their Cadets, someone remembered hearing about Heather's Fudge running a fundraising program! They signed up and ran a late February/March fundraiser, having just 12 Cadet members selling, they raised $552 for their program activities and equipment. Each student raising almost $50 each. Great job Cadets! We look forward to another successful fundraiser with your Regiment!

Heather's Fudge West Ferris Secondary School Prom Fundraiser
West Ferris Secondary School Prom - North Bay

We at Heather's Fudge saw a group of students advertising a bake sale fundraiser to raise money for their senior prom. We contacted the organizer and offered her a Fudge fundraising opportunity. With the participation of 7 of her classmates, they raised a total of $484. That is a total of more than $60 each raised for their prom. She was thrilled with the results and they had a great time at their celebration.

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