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About Heather's Fudge

A nurse of 28 years named Heather, worked at the North Bay General Hospital. One holiday season, about 20 years ago, in 1998, Heather made a batch of Maple fudge to serve as a Christmas treat to her family and co-workers. Word soon got around the hospital that a nurse on the 4th floor made great fudge! Needless to say, she began taking orders throughout the hospital. And thus, HEATHER'S FUDGE was born! As a small family of five, we experimented with new flavours, and all helped Mom out with making and selling her fudge at the hospital for many years. It was our family's tradition each Christmas. We always knew that Christmas was around the corner, when the smell of Mom's maple fudge filled the house.

North Bay General Hospital Where Heather began selling Heather's Fudge
City of North Bay where Heather's Fudge Began in 1998

Today, Heather’s Fudge is run by that same family of five, making the fudge the same way we always have, only now we rent a commercial kitchen. Heather's Fudge travels to numerous summer festivals, fall fairs, craft shows, and Christmas sales, both large and small, between New Liskeard and Toronto. We have also operated a successful kiosk store in the main entrance (by the big tree) of the Northgate Shopping Center in North Bay for three Christmas seasons. To see a list of our travels, you can click the tab "Our Vendor Show History".

Our family is excited to have expanded into the fundraising market in late 2016. Within the first few months of launching our Fundraising Program we partnered with several groups throughout Northern Ontario. We are proud to have played a part in their success. Some groups have scheduled repeat campaigns in 2017! We encourage you to take a look at our Fundraising Tab for more information on our Program and Successful Partnerships, and how your group can become a Heather's Fudge Fundraising success story!

Heather's Fudge, Heather and Gary Wood selling fudge at the Davedi Club Chrismtas Artisan Show in North Bay, Ont. 2015

Heather Wood and her Husband Gary,

The Davedi Club Christmas Artisan Show in North Bay, 2015

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